Why we 'Miss' on Car Coolant on every car service?

Whenever we look at the Car Servicing Menu. We always look for the Best Engine Oil ad that's it. Rest everything is ignored, you know why? because we believe that our car only runs on Best Engine oil. Autocar Spa had been in this business for the past 8 years but not a single customer ever looked beyond Engine Oil because that's all we all know. We keep a tab on checking Engine Oil after every few thousand kilometers but we always 'IGNORE' the 'COOLANT'. And yes we know that you always check the level of coolant and also top up it with some water before you want to go for long rides :).

Did you ever purchased a high quality coolant? The answer is 'NO' because your mechanic always encourages you to simply top up the coolant. In Delhi, summers last for almost 9 months and in these months all we do is top up.

What we recommend is to atleast change the coolant once a year along with 'Radiator Flush'. It helps the radiator from rust. Always buy the best collant for you'r car and the reason is simple that for the rest of the year it will always be a top up.

This would also help to maintain you'r car A.C. We know you love your car however by just taking few simple precautions to maintain the small wear and tear of you'r car.


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