Doorstep Home Cleaning Services

Being in Auto Detailing industry for more than 8 years, we wanted to add an additional service on our Arm. Initially we wanted to start with Auto Servicing sector, however looking at this sector made us thought that with the Electric Cars coming in the near future, the whole auto servicing industry needs to rework on entire business model.

That's when we turned our next chapter to Home Cleaning. The reason is simple, we have already achieved all the aspects in Car Detailing. We wanted explore more into domestic sector. Nowadays people are more inclined towards the quality of cleaning rather than just hiring a maid for a month. Our new deep cleaning methods will make your house look new and shiny for months. We had been researching on the best products which not only will give your house a clean look but will also save time for home cleaning. We had been testing various products on different homes to ensure speedy work with awesome results.


Address: Block 4, 4/245, Shop Number 2, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi-110027

Phone: 99-1001-8501


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