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Autocar Spa was established in 2011. The only reason we entered into car detailing was because of the love for cars. We ventured with Nearbuy first to start doorstep car cleaning services across Delhi & Gurugram. From time to time we keep researching about different ways to detail cars. Starting from basics we train our employees with product knowledge. We also deal in doorstep sofa dry cleaning. Car cleaning business is growing at fast pace because of the increasing awareness among people for car cleaning. We constantly try to manage our business as a time effective tool.

We would like to share few tips on how you can maintain your car clean.

Car Hand Wash (DIY):

The first rule of car hand wash is 2 bucket water. If you want to see your car color shine for long time, then make sure you use industrial based car shampoo. Now days many companies has introduced car wash & wax shampoos. Autocar Spa recommends microfiber gloves for car wash. Microfiber gloves are easily available online as well as in nearby shops. For car glass cleaning we would recommend you to always use newspaper. For tyres cleaning you can use hard brush which would help to clean tyres dust. For cleaning car alloys you can use D-greasers which are easily available. Or else if you wish to get your alloys clean properly, you can always visit Autocar Spa for alloy wheel treatment. Also make sure to cover side doors bidding. 

Roof Cleaning (DIY):

From the time we started our company, the first rule was to make sure that we first ask our clients view on car detailing. Most of our clients were concerned about roof cleaning because it is one of the most delicate areas. And that's where most of the detailer's fail. The usual way is to either clean the roof by Brush or by vacuuming, but sadly both the ways are wrong. Microfiber glove is one of the best tool to clean the roof with damaging its texture. It has an ability to suck dirt like no one else does. the carpet area of the roof is delicate and if we use brush or vacuum, then either the roof will fall off due to vacuum or the carpet area will be damaged. Microfiber glove is a soft component and its way to easy to reach critical. Besides this it also consumes less water and delivers more.

Car Servicing:

Autocar Spa has entered into car servicing sector. The main reason we entered into car servicing and repairing was the kind of structure mechanic nowadays follow is unprofessional and unethical. That's why we introduced car servicing packages which not only suits our clients needs but they can customize the services accordingly. Initially we did some research on how car servicing packages can be designed in an economic way. We realized that a basic car service package is designed somewhere between Rs 2200 to Rs 2800.  So we did some modifications by making sure that the important steps like oil change, air filter, brake oil, coolant, break checks, spark plugs  are covered. We are not perfectionist but we believe in making a change. We have distributed our services in two ways Basic Servicing Package and Extensive Servicing Package for both Petrol and Diesal Cars. We made sure that our first time customers become life time customers. 

Radiator Flush Treatment:


Ever heard about Radiator Flush?

We all know that in our regular car servicing coolant is always our priority because it keeps our car engine temperature low. But what we always miss is that in a year at least once before summer we should always go for Radiator Flush Treatment.
Benefits of Radiator Flush:-

1. It keeps your radiator running more efficiently.
2. A Radiator flush prevents rust and corrosion in the radiator and all metal parts of the engine, heater core and water lines.
3. It keeps your radiator running longer.
4. It also keeps your engine running longer.
5. A radiator flush boosts your vehicle's performance and power.
6. It lubricates and protects your water pump.
7. It protects your heater core (which provides you with heat inside the car).
8. The work maintains your vehicle's maintenance requirements so you don't void the warranty.
9. It can prevent corrosion that can lead to expensive repairs.
10. A radiator flush reduces the chances of blown head gaskets in your engine block.

Radiator Flush Treatments is now available at Autocar Spa @ Rs 699 only for any car.

What is a radiator? 

Radiators are cooling devices fitted in automobiles. These devices primarily maintain the engine temperature at an optimal level. Automobile radiators should not be confused with home radiators that are used for heating homes. Radiators are usually fabricated from cast iron, and they comprise a series of pipes through which a coolant (water or synthetic coolant) circulates.

How a Car Radiator Works

The working principle of a car radiator is as follows:

A pumping system pushes the normal temperature coolant from the radiator towards engine.
A running engine produces a large amount of heat, which is absorbed by the coolant; eventually, the engine temperature falls down. This heated coolant is again pumped back to the radiator.
Once the hot coolant reaches the radiator, it circulates through a series of pipes of the radiator.
Air surrounding the radiator absorbs this heat and brings down the temperature of the heated coolant.
The procedure continues as long as the vehicle is running.
In the absence of the radiator, the engine will cease to function due to overheating.

Function of Coolants in the Radiator

Most vehicles break down when the coolant in the radiators is used up. Earlier, water was used as cooling agent in automobiles. Now, synthetic coolants are widely available in the market. However, during winter, water freezes in the radiators, thus leading to the bursting of radiator pipes. Synthetic coolants have antifreeze in them; thus, they do not freeze when the surrounding temperatures are low. Synthetic coolants last longer (as compared to water). 

Car Pressure Wash includes:

1. Interior Blower

2. Interior Polishing

3. Mats Cleaning

4. Exterior Car Shampoo

5. Under Tyres Cleaning & Polishing

6. Tyre Polising

7. Complete Car Pressure Wash

8. Exterior Body Polishing

9. Bumpers Cleaning & Polishing

10. Glass Cleaning

Pressure Wash is an effective way cleaning the car. This process helps your car to clean by over 50%. Nowadays most of the people in Delhi are stuck in jam for long hours. They indulge in all kind of junk food and binge drinking. We recommend our clients to get their car wash atleast once a month. The complete process takes around 1hr. and it also helps our clients to de clutter their cars from time to time.